Monday, 16 November 2009

The Fox waits patiently for the Black Panther to cross over to the "other side."

This painting depicts a patient fox, waiting for a panther to cross a stream. It was painted for a friend who requested all that is in the composition, he has assured me that I have created just what he imagined. The landscape is sourced from the many photos my client sent me, the animals are of my own creation.

This is my second commission and definitely the most demanding. When I started this painting I thought I would be done within the week. It took close to a month. It has also been a great help towards my next project which will involve much bigger paintings with complex compositions. The Patient fox measures about 20"x 12. So I have doubled my usual size.

My even larger works will be hanging in the Forest Cafe from the 1st of February and ultimately at the funeral of Rich DD Cormack and Omar Z Bhatia.